SPNS Furniture: So Much More Than A Sofa

SPNS was founded in 2002 as a startup which focuses on the most significant piece of furniture in our homes and offices alike, a sofa or a couch. They are dedicated to redefining the concept of the sofa in India.

More About SPNS

The brand promises durability, innovation, quality, and classy designs in their handmade sofa sets. They are known for their specialization in the Italy-inspired designer sofa models which are quite popular in India.

They also provide customized furniture pieces and claim to follow strict environmental ethics. If you purchase a sofa from them, then to compensate the wood used on the sofa they plant a tree on your behalf.

What Can You Find At SPNS?

Sofa, lounges, chairs, and tables too.






Sr. No. 130, Barangani Road, Right from, DSK Vishwa Rd, near Bharat Gas Godown, Chavan Bagh, Dhayari, Pune, Maharashtra 411041

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